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The goal of this website is and will forever be to help people find their way in themed entertainment and build our industry by bringing in talented, diverse, and amazing people. However, as the site and my ambition for it grows, Dave’s bank account can no longer support the full weight of the site and we have opened the site to allow for some community aide in the form of donations and sponsorships. We are grateful for all of those who have chosen to support the site and look forward to growing the community and the industry together.


Software Engineering Services for Themed Entertainment

Effortless Presence enables your organization to rapidly deploy and scale engineering resources for your software projects without the hassle of hiring. Effortless Presence is a 100% US based cohort of skilled software engineers and software project management professionals. From concept to production, Effortless Presence stacks the deck in your favor.

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Sponsorship and donation information to come. We are currently waiting for the legal infrastructure to support this.

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