Slice Creative Network

Whether you plan to freelance or not. Slice is an amazing network to use in your journey to find work in the industry. If you think you may want to freelance. This is the jackpot, with the largest network of professionals who freelance in the industry and the most amazing and supportive leader – Melody Matheny – you can’t find a better place to get started.

Melody has been running Slice in order to make a better community and support her fellow freelancers in the industry for years and is always willing to chat with you about her experience and give invaluable advice about getting started in the industry. Reach out to her through the Slice Website or on her LinkedIn here.

Whether you plan to freelance or not, check out their events! Most events are open to everyone (members get the added benefit of not having to pay for most of the events).

Slice is also a great resource to find industry professionals who do the work you might be interested in! Check out the list of Slice Freelancers and search areas of interest to find people who might be willing to chat about their experience and help you find your way into the industry!

If you are interested in joining Slice, check out this page and the pre-requisites. I highly recommend putting together a personal website to showcase your work and feel free to run you application past some folks prior to submitting. Since I am one of the people who approves people to be a member, I know what I and some of the other board members look for and would love to review your application materials ahead of time. Feel free to send me an email at

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