Los Angeles Job Postings

Los Angeles Job Postings

Career Pages and Specific Jobs

  • Commercial Interior Architecture Show Set Design (Revit and/or AutoCAD)
  • Show Set/Space Planning/BIM lead (Revit)
  • Environmental Graphic Design
  • Senior Environmental Designer/Art Director (Rhino and/or SketchUp)
  • Environmental Designer (Rhino with Vray and/or SketchUp with Podium)
  • Production Art Director
  • Freelance Concept Illustrator
  • Freelance Graphic Designer
  • Design Phase Project Manager
  • Project Coordinator

For any of the above jobs, please contact BRC with an expression of interest in a particular job, cover letter, and resume.

  • Project Coordinator

  • Sr. CAD Draftsperson
  • Recent Construction Degree Graduates

  • Assistant Creative Director
  • CG Supervisor
  • Digital Matte Painter
  • 3D Generalist/Compositor
  • Art Director – Immersive Media
  • Concept Designer – Immersive Media
  • Motion Designer and Animator

  • Account Manager
  • Architectural Account Manager
  • Spatial Storytelling Graphics & Theming Contractors
  • Architectural 3D Modeling Intern

  • Previs Supervisor
  • Previs Designer
  • Previs Animator
  • Character Animator
  • Asset Builders (character, environment and fx)
  • Postvis Supervisor
  • Postvis Compositor
  • Project Coordinator

  • Finisher
  • Fiberglass Assistant Fabricator

  • Front-End Web Developer
  • 3D Creative: Brand Experiences
  • Back-End Web/Interactive Developer

Company Contact Pages

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