Reported Jobs and LinkedIn Jobs updates – 10/20/21

A few updates today! First of all, so many people have used the link here to report job openings to us, or emailed me directly through the contact us page or my email. Check out a few of those jobs posted below: Caesar’s entertainment – has a lot of job openings that you would expectContinue reading “Reported Jobs and LinkedIn Jobs updates – 10/20/21”

Orlando and Northeast Update – 10/12/21

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay. Here is a big update from Orlando and the Northeast – Big thank you to Reid Baris for helping out with this update. Due to some logistical issues, the newest jobs from Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld are not listed out below, please check the Orlando Job Board for aContinue reading “Orlando and Northeast Update – 10/12/21”

NEW JOB BOARD: Southeast! 9/30/21

Announcing the newest region to our website: The Southeast! Featuring jobs from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee! Check it out here and let us know if there are any that we missed! BIG THANKS to Kayla Illgen for running this section of the site and helping find all of these awesomeContinue reading “NEW JOB BOARD: Southeast! 9/30/21”

Updated Florida (Not Orlando) Job Board – 9/29/21

Please check out the newest jobs from Florida! Thanks to Bryan McGowan for updating the job board! If you or anyone you know would be a great fit for the following roles, please share! Cumming (Miami) Associate Director | Cost Management EXP Tampa Project Engineer Transit Project Manager Transit Project Manager Chipley Inspector Aide CEIContinue reading “Updated Florida (Not Orlando) Job Board – 9/29/21”

FX Design Group – 9/27/2021

FX Design Group in Orlando is hiring two positions here. Johnny Motoc reached out to the site to feature these jobs and I am happy to do so! If you or anyone you know fits the positions below, please reach out and share! Assistant Technical Director Associate Scenic Designer Please send all applications to JohnnyContinue reading “FX Design Group – 9/27/2021”

New Job Board: Northeast

Big Big thank you to our newest contributor Reid Baris! He has volunteered to help with the new region, the Northeast, which features the following jobs from Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont! If you know of any companies that we may have missed, please let usContinue reading “New Job Board: Northeast”