New Jobs 11/3/22

Welcome to November! IAAPA is so soon! Check out the guide we created for the show here! Check out the newest from Adirondack!! Also check out all of the newest themed entertainment jobs from all over. HUGE post!

Updates brought to you by ADK Studios! Thank you for your support. Check out their jobs below:

Chicago Scenic Studios (Chicago, IL)
Object Construction (Los Angeles, CA)

Attraktion! Group of Comapnies

New openings:

The Franklin Institute (Philadelphia, PA)

Obama Presidential Center (Chicago, IL)

4Wall Entertainment

Absen (Orlando)

Adena Corporation (Lakeland)

Aecom (Los Angeles)

Analog Way (Antony)

California Science Center (Los Angeles)

Cedar Fair

Chicago Scenic Studios (Chicago)

Clair Global (Lititz)

Clearwig Group

Colorvision International (Pigeon Forge)

Cosm (Salt Lake City)

Cumming (Los Angeles)

Dimensional Innovations (Overland Park)


Electrosonic (Dartford)

Falcon’s Creative Group (Orlando)

Feld Entertainment

Gaylord Palms Resort (Kissimmee)

Give Kids The World (Kissimmee)

Grupo Xcaret (Roo)


Hoar Construction (Orlando)

IAAPA (Orlando)

Illuminarium (Atlanta)

Intamin (Schaan)

Kennedy Space Center (Kennedy Space Center)

Lionsgate (Santa Monica)

McLaren Engineering Group (New York)

Moment Factory (Montreal)

Mousetrappe (Burbank)

Oceaneering (Orlando)

Pacmin Studios (Fullerton)

PRO Sound & Video (Orlando)

Proof Inc. (Los Angeles)

Ripley Entertainment

Rosco Laboratories (Stamford)

S&S Sansei Technologies (Logan)


Sesame Workshop (New York)

Storyland Studios (Lake Elsinore)

The Third Floor (Los Angeles)

Thor Urbana (Mexico City)

Two Bit Circus (Los Angeles)


VHB (Orlando)

Westview Productions

Weta Workshop (Wellington)

Compagnie des Alpes

Dan Pearlman




Tait Towers



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