New Jobs 5/17/22

Good Tuesday Everyone!! New Job Postings! Big Thanks to Reid Baris for helping to automate the website and bring more frequent and complete updates!

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Updates brought to you by ADK Studios! Thank you for your support. Check out their jobs below:

Chicago Scenic Studios
Reveal Studio
Bungalow Scenic Studios

New openings:

4Wall Entertainment (London)

7thSense (Sussex)

Aardman Animations (Bristol)

Aecom (Los Angeles)

Cedar Fair

Clair Global (Lititz)

Cumming (Los Angeles)


Electrosonic (Orlando)

Feld Entertainment (Ellenton)

Grupo Xcaret (Roo)

Hasbro (Providence)

Lionsgate (Santa Monica)

Magic Leap (Los Angeles)

Meow Wolf (Santa Fe)

Navitar (Rochester)

NBCUniversal (Los Angeles)

Oceaneering (Orlando)

Osborn Engineering (Orlando)

P&P Projects (Someren)

Pacmin Studios (Fullerton)

Pixar (Emeryville)

Ripley Entertainment

Rosco Laboratories (Stamford)

RWS Entertainment (New York)



VHB (Orlando)



Merlin Entertainments

Majaland Kownaty

7th Sense


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