New Jobs 4/14/22

SO MANY NEW JOBS this update! Also NEW FEATURED jobs from Chicago Scenic! Check them out and pass them along! Big thank you to Reid Baris for adding more automated job scripts to the lineup. Your help is what drives the results we have and I wouldn’t be able to do it without you!

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Updates brought to you by ADK Studios! Thank you for your support. Check out their jobs below:

Westview Productions:
Chicago Scenic Studios

New openings:

Bleeding Arts Indsutries

Outdoor Factory (Chicago, IL)

Visional (Norcross, GA)

Unrivaled (Ogden, UT)

4Wall Entertainment


Aardman Animations (Bristol)

Absen (Orlando)

ACTLD Design+Experience (Brussels)

Adena Corporation (Lakeland)

Adirondack Studios

Adler Planetarium (Chicago)

Aecom (Los Angeles)

Alcorn McBride (Orlando)

Analog Way

AOA (Winter Park)

Ascend Studios (Orlando)

Balfour Beatty (Orlando)

Barbizon Lighting Company (Orlando)

Barton Malow Company (Orlando)

Blur Studio (Culver City)

BRC Imagination Arts (Burbank)

Brilliant Creative Fabrication (Orlando)

BRPH (Orlando)

Bungalow Scenic Studios (Orlando)

California Science Center (Los Angeles)

Cedar Fair

Celtic Engineering (Windermere)

Chicago Scenic Studios (Chicago)

Clair Global

Clearwig Group


Cost of Wisconsin


Dillon Works (Mukilteo)

Dimensional Innovations (Overland Park)


Drayton Manor (Tamworth)

Dynamic Attractions (Orlando)

Eisterhold (Kansas City)


Falcon’s Creative Group (Orlando)

Feld Entertainment

Fivestone Studios (Nashville)

Float4 (Montreal)

Fun Spot

GAI Consultants (Orlando)

Gallagher Design

Gaylord Palms Resort (Kissimmee)

Gilbane Building Company (Orlando)

Give Kids The World (Kissimmee)

Global Scenic Services (Bridgeport)

Grupo Xcaret (Roo)

GTE (Orlando)

Harris Civil Engineers (Orlando)


HBG Design

Hoar Construction (Orlando)

Hotopp (Seattle)



Impact Museums (Los Angeles)

Intamin (Schaan)

ITEC Entertainment

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company

JUMP by Limitless Flight (Bluffdale)

Katapult (Derby)

Kennedy Space Center

KHS&S Contractors (Anaheim)

L3DFX (Bolingbrook)

Lagoon Park (Farmington)

LandDesign (Orlando)

Leisure Expert Group (Amsterdam)

Level99 (Natick)

Leviathan (Chicago)

Lionsgate (Santa Monica)

Little Ray’s Nature Center (Ottawa)

Lost Island (Waterloo)

Luci Creative (Chicago)

Magic Leap (Los Angeles)

Magnopus (Los Angeles)

Marineland of Canada (Niagara Falls)

McLaren Engineering Group

Meow Wolf (Santa Fe)

Merlin Entertainments

Moment Factory

Moog (East Aurora)

Mousetrappe (Burbank)

National Fiber Technology (Lawrence)

Navitar (Rochester)

NBCUniversal (Los Angeles)

Oceaneering (Orlando)

Osborn Engineering (Orlando)

P&P Projects (Someren)

Pacmin Studios (Fullerton)

Perry Becker Design (Orlando)

PGAV Destinations (St. Louis)

Pixar (Emeryville)

Pixomondo (Los Angeles)

PlainJoe Studios (Corona)

PRO Sound & Video (Orlando)

Proof Inc. (Los Angeles)

RGD Consulting Engineers (Orlando)

Ripley Entertainment

Rosco Laboratories (Stamford)

Roush (Orlando)

RWS Entertainment

S&ME (Orlando)

Scalable Display Technologies (Cambridge)


Sesame Workshop (New York)

Storyland Studios (Lake Elsinore)

Super78 (Los Angeles)

TechMD, Inc. (Burbank)

The Florida Aquarium (Tampa)

The Lunz Group (Orlando)

The McBride Company (Manchester Center)

The Third Floor (Los Angeles)

Thinkwell Group

Trivium Interactive (Boston)

Two Bit Circus (Los Angeles)


VHB (Orlando)

X Studios (Winter Park)

Compagnie des Alpes

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