BIG announcement and New Jobs 01/20/22

Big news this week! We are now accepting donations, sponsorships, and featured jobs!

Over the last two and half years since I started this website, I have had many people approach me and ask me how they can support the site financially and I have politely declined and deferred because it has not been and will not be the reason I started or maintain this site. This site was created to solve a problem that I was having and I knew that others could benefit from. The service we provide now of being a platform for companies to post jobs and for talent to find companies and openings will ALWAYS be free.

That being said, as we have scaled and added capacity and openings and features, it becomes more time consuming and money consuming and we have gotten to a place where the website can not be supported solely through my contributions and we are offering ways for the community to support us! If you are interested in making a donation please see the donation platform at the bottom of the page here.

The other three options to support our site are as a sponsor on our sponsor page – which comes with your name, logo, and a description on our sponsors page as well as other future perks. You can sponsor our daily updates (as seen below). Or you can post your job openings prominently in our featured jobs section of the search page. If any of these interest you, please reach out to directly for pricing and full benefits.

Daily updates brought to you by Effortless Presence! Thanks for the support!

New openings:

Absen (Orlando)

Aecom (LA)

Compagnie des Alpes

Disney (Orlando)

Disney (LA)


Electrosonic (New York)



Gaylord Palms Resort (Orlando)

Gensler (LA)


Merlin Entertainments

Moog (East Aurora)

Puy du Fou

Rosco Laboratories (Stamford, CT)

Roush (Orlando)

Seaworld (Orlando)

Universal (Orlando)

Universal (Hollywood, CA)

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