Thanks and Announcements

As is common during this time, I would like to thank those who have helped make this site what it is and also thank everyone who uses the site for your support. I apologize for the lack of activity due to IAAPA and the holiday and the fact that we are going through some changes internally. Keep your eyes out for some awesome changes over the next few days as we launch some new features that hopefully will make the site even better moving forward!

Thank you to the volunteers and helpers who have made the site possible – Brynn Gelerman, Reid Baris, Etienne Sainton, Josh Meusch, RJ Immerman, Kayla Illgen, Victoria Hunt, Bailey Griffin, Bryan McGowan, and Tania Del Rivero!

Thank you to our first sponsor – Effortless Presence!

Thank you to those who support and share with us on LinkedIn – Jeremy Wayne Grunert, Xavier Treto, Sean Featonby, Patrick Kling, Jacqueline Noel, Linda Freeman, Dan Healy, Benton Shortridge, Roby Brown, Anya Tyler, Jon Griffin, Alex Underwood, Jeffrey Holmes, Tania Ordonez-Pieto, Jacob Melts, Emmanuel Bradshaw, Nicholas Laschkewitsch, Melody Sivri, Monai Rooney

Thank you to other friends of the site – Melody Matheny and Slice Creative Network!

Your support is what drives me to continue building and growing the site and I wouldn’t be doing it without you! Thank you so much!

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