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If you are not following the Job Board on LinkedIn, please do so! And any time you see a job posting from our industry, tag us! We will collect all of them and share them on our site as well as share all of our other job postings on LinkedIn through our page! I would like to thank the following people for being super awesome and tagging the site in the following opportunities: Jeremy Wayne Grunert, Alex Underwood, Jeffrey Holmes, Tania Ordonez Pieto, Todd Richins, Joshua Meusch, Benton Shortridge, Jon Griffin, Sean Featonby, Jacob Metts, Dan Healy, Patrick Kling, Nicholas Laschkewitsch, Melody Sivri, Monai Rooney, Emmanuel Bradshaw, Etienne Sainton!

AOA (Orlando, FL)

S4 Lights

  • Lighting “Choreographers” (LinkedIn)

Celebrity Cruises (Miami, FL)

  • Entertainment Technical Director (LI) (Site)

Meow Wolf (Santa Fe, NM)

  • Production Designer (LI) (site)
  • Senior Technical Director (LI)(Site)
  • Lead Graphic Designer (LI) (Site)

Gallagher & Associates

  • Mid Level UX Designer (NYC) (LI) (Site)
  • Design Director (Remote) (LI) (Site)
  • Senior integrated Producer (DC) (LI) (Site)
  • Marketing Coordinator (Remote) (LI) (Site)
  • Mid Level To Senior Level Visual Experience Designer (Remote) (LI) (Site)

Punchdrunk (UK)

  • Company Manager (LI) (Site)
  • Heads of Lighting (LI) (Site)
  • Site Crew (LI) (Site)
  • Lighting Install Technicians (LI) (Site)
  • Painters & Decorators (LI) (Site)

Efteling (Netherlands)

  • Project Coordinator (LI)

Cedar Fair (Charlotte, NC)

  • Instructional Designer (LI) (Site)
  • Corporate Manager, Brand Management and Marketing – Cedar Point & Michigan’s Adventure (LI) (Site)

X Studios (Winter Park, FL)

  • Artist, 2-D Digital Media (Contractor) (LI) (Site)
  • Artist, 3-D Digiatl Media (Contractor) (LI) (Site)
  • Senior Artist (LI) (Site)
  • Designer, UI/UX (Contractor) (LI) (Site)
  • Designer, Web + Mobile Gaming (Contractor) (LI) (Site)
  • Developer, Android (Contractor) (LI) (Site)
  • Developer, iOS (Contractor) (LI) (Site)
  • Senior Engineer, Real Time Developer (LI) (Site)
  • Engineer, Unity/Unreal (LI) (Site)
  • Engineer, Unreal Engine (Contractor) (LI) (Site)
  • Installation Team (Contractor) (LI) (Site)
  • Installation Team, Lead (Contractor) (LI) (Site)


  • Entertainment Art Specialist (Casual-Temporary) (Anaheim) (LI) (Site)

Charmed Playhouses

  • Design Assistant / Production Designer (LI)

Herschend Family Entertainment

  • Director of Contact Centers (Peachtree Corners, GA) (LI) (Site)
  • Technology Project Manager (Peachtree Corners, GA) (LI) (Site)

Puy du Fou Asia

  • Business Analyst (LI)
  • Marketing Analyst and Development Manager (LI)

Busch Gardens (Tampa)

  • Project Manager, Design and Engineering (LI)

Vekoma (Vlodrop, Netherlands)

  • Production Engineer (LI) (Site)

Weber Group (Louisville, KY)

  • Shop Artists (LI)

Attraction & Entertainment Services (A&ES) (Jacksonville, FL)

  • Computer Aided Design Production Drafter (LI) (Site)


  • Software QA Lead (Burbank, CA) (LI)
  • Systems Architect (Orlando, FL) (LI)

Demiurge (Denver, CO)

Intamin (Schaan, Liectenstein)

Nickelodeon (Patrick Star Show) (Burbank, CA)

Merlin Entertainments

  • Human Resources Business Partner – LEGOLAND (Carlsbad, CA) (LI) (Site)

Luci Creative (Chicago)

  • Senior Graphic Designer (LI) (Site)

Bungalow Scenic (Orlando, FL)

  • Carpentry (2nd Shift) (LI)

Mad Systems (Orange, CA)

  • AV Project Engineer (LI) (Site)

Creative Works, Inc. (Mooresville, IN)

Premier Rides (St. Petersburg, FL)

  • Administrative & Personal Assistant (LI) (Site)
  • Marketing Internship (LI) (Site)
  • Administrative Manager (LI) (Site)
  • Senior Engineering Manager (LI) (Site)
  • Project Administrator (LI) (Site)

PlayPower – Multiple Positions (LI) (Site)

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