LA Job Update 9/13/2019, and ANNOUNCEMENT

Before we get into the job update proper, an announcement:

Dave and I really wanted this website to be the true one-stop-shop for all themed entertainment jobs. However, it has become clear that we can’t quite reach that goal. There are some companies, such as Disney, that add 10+ jobs per day in the LA area alone and don’t take jobs down nearly as quickly. While this means that they offer a ton of great opportunities, it also means that if we tried to list them all on the site, it would quickly balloon out of proportion and become unusable. So, with that said, here is how the following companies will be handled in the future:


  • ALL jobs that fall under Walt Disney Imagineering – a business specifically related to the design and construction of theme parks – will remain on the main Orlando and LA pages, specifically. They will also continue to be included in the job update posts.
  • MOST (but not all) other jobs posted by Disney will just be included in the job update posts. For example, my last update was 9/10, so the Disney jobs listed in this update will include those posted between that date and today.
    • However, some jobs, which don’t seem closely related enough to themed entertainment design/creation, will be skipped. For example, I won’t list jobs from the Disney Store or ESPN, and I won’t list legal/paralegal jobs.
      • As an aside, this is the same for Universal – for example, front-line, in-the-park jobs won’t be listed. Universal is not so big that we have to remove them from the main page, but it is big enough that we must be picky over what we put up.
    • Therefore, if your goal is mainly to get your foot in the door in any manner at the Disney company, I recommend that you check their career site regularly.


  • Universal jobs will remain on both the main page and in job updates, but, similarly to Disney, only MOST Universal jobs will be posted – for example, front-line, in-the-parks jobs will not be. Universal isn’t so big that we have to remove it from the main page entirely, but it is big enough that we must be picky over what we put up.


  • Okay, confession time – when I was first compiling the LA page, I saw that Aecom had over 300 jobs in California and just backed out and didn’t list any. I am going to start building out the Aecom list on the main page and in updates, starting with the ones (included in this update) that were just posted within the last week.

If you have any feedback on this decision or suggestions on how we can improve, please reach out to us! We’d love to hear it.

Now that that is taken care of, here is the LA Job Update for today.

4Wall Entertainment


Eleventh Hour


KHS&S Contractors




The Third Floor

Universal Studios Hollywood

Walt Disney Imagineering

Disney (Other)

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